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When reality beats planning in marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

Occasionally reality surpasses planning and many times this is the result of a strategy of marketing.
Let me explain about it.
Let's imagine a market where you have a product or service and you can offer it with standard packaging at a standard price. However, you have the idea to add marketing to it, and what happens? You manage to increase your sale due to the market creation effect of marketing. That is, it does a boost in the market.

When designing a marketing plan, let's not stop answering basic questions:

Is there enough demand for my product to make it profitable?

Does the need for my product already exist or can I create it?

Can I create interest in the market for my product?

The products can be substitutes or complementary, for example, you drink one soft drink or another and they are the same category, but there are complementary products such as liquor. Without effective marketing, you would sell the same from different categories, but by applying it, marketing diversion and a new marketing mix are achieved.

Ansoff matrix

Undoubtedly, a business strategy is the product of market growth. Russian-born Igor Ansoff made a major contribution to marketing and business strategy in 1957 entitled Strategies for Diversification, which continues to apply today.


Market Penetration:  gain market share in which we are competing, without modifying the product, motivate the sales force and reinforce advertising to increase sales directly and effectively.

Product development: create an attractive product and penetrate specific market segments.

Market Development: create different and/or complementary markets for our product, even if it is outside our geographical environment.

Diversification: reinvent itself towards new market approaches where, not necessarily, the company has experienced.

The order of the factors if it alters the product:

Currently, the brand that manages to reveal the attributes of its product or service in its market, in a very sexy way, manages to multiply its purchase and all thanks to the magic of marketing.

Stimulating the sale of a product in the market can be highly influenced by the order of the marketing mix, with which a product can be stimulated to make it more attractive to the consumer; here an example:

  • Price Determination
  • Distribution
  • Advertising
  • Sale promotion
  • Services post-sale

A company must not lag behind and stay in brand diversification, on the contrary, it must find a way to trigger deviation and marketing creation.

The success of a marketing plan is in the knowledge of the client, their uses and habits in terms of products and services, which together with a good implementation of advertising, price, product and promotion strategies allow increasing the level of consumption of their products. .