Ingrid Mota

“Mobilegeddon”: From the Fixed Consumer to the Mobile

By: Ingrid Motta

The digital world evolves every second…and those at Google know it, they know it.

In 2015, mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic in different countries and that motivated Google to launch “Mobilegeddon” in April, the update of an algorithm that simply eliminated sites that were not optimal for mobile devices, and that of course, marked a clear tendency to minimize traffic to desktop devices.

Marketing is not a game

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

But games can be a vehicle for marketing.

Only today many of those games are video games, video games. That combination of information technologies with content, which results in this buoyant creative industry.

The easy accessibility to this type of entertainment has been strengthening its growth in a sustained manner and has popularized it in such a way that both children and adults spend hours glued to their fixed or mobile consoles, to their Smart TVs, tablets or to their smartphone. , among other mobile devices. …

The mirror of marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

There is no perfect mirror. If someone doubts this assertion, it is enough to talk to any woman who tries on clothes in a dressing room and is depressed by how badly the garment in question looks on her body, and if she changes the mirror, her happiness for what go with the same garment.

So is it about the garment, the physique, the light, the mirror, or all of the above? …

Reconfiguration towards Integral Marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

New technologies, connectivity, the digital behavior of people and the synergy that consequently brands must create according to the changing needs and purchase tastes of their current and potential consumers, make the departments of marketing go through a reconfiguration that keeps them in the game of consumption.

Although organization charts had not changed for decades, today and in a personalized way, it is recommended that brands create their own business models to achieve consistency in their marketing strategies. …

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Digital Television and Content Marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

This week, those interested in bidding for the two new digital television networks will have submitted their proposals to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT). The IFT will analyze and determine if they effectively meet the conditions to generate effective competition in a market today divided into two players.

Interested bidders will have in their favor the preponderance rules that the IFT established for Televisa as the preponderant economic agent in broadcasting, to share its passive infrastructure. …

marketing obsolescence

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

We call obsolete everything that ceases to be useful. The causes can be many and all with purely economic bases.

Low performance, lack of updating, replacement by innovative products with higher capabilities, are the most common causes.

It is, by principle of order, a fact that every product will have to become obsolete at some point and it is essential that this factor be scheduled, from its conception, in the plan of marketing. …

In marketing they talk about me, therefore I exist

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

A popular voice says that "it doesn't matter if they speak well or badly about you, but let them speak", the one that is not present in the mind or in the senses of the consumer, simply does not exist.

Indeed, communication is one of the basic tools of marketing. In fact it is its main piece, without which nothing would exist.

The big brands know this and put great effort into strengthening their business vision through strategic communication that allows them to reach their current and potential consumers in different ways. Several of these companies are currently designing a 360º Marketing that enhances their brand presence in the different media and digital platforms. …