Tech & The City: 4 apps to multiply your love

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

Glasses, watches, bracelets, shoes and everything you can wear as an electronic cowbell that reminds you of endless things every second: how unhealthy you eat, how badly you sleep and how your New Year's resolutions vanish as soon as you sit down at your desk to work. These are the trends that technology brings us every day.
But technology is created to make life easier and for a few years to live 100% connected in a world that apparently brings us closer to distant people and distances us from nearby people. Here are 4 apps to measure and multiply your love this February 14.

We are destined to live in a constant change of education and good manners at the table, in business and even as a couple. Personally, it is impossible for me to disconnect from my computer andsmartphone even to sleep and if there was already one tablets submersible, I would be able to take a bath with it so as not to lose a second of minute-by-minute information.

I post, therefore I am
Around me I see how social networks are a sample of a real world where I post… therefore I exist.

It seems that everything happens without measure, when in reality there are people who are dedicated to studying and observing us like zoo animals, and are able to determine our digital behavior through simple observation and tell us our habits in numbers. Others, very clever, acquire the gift of knowing how to satisfy the needs of the "always connected" to pamper us with applications that will make us more addicted to devices.

To begin with the cheesiness typical of the month of February and where the new rules of digital etiquette dictate having a hectic activity as a couple and with friends, whom, by the way, we must be very aware of our "perfect and harmonious" love life. , I share 4 apps so as not to look bad socially at this time.

If you already have love by your side, do not doubt if you are with the right person, check it out!! that's what it's for Love Test Calculator and with that let the harmony flow and merge your loving energies (Google Play and App Store).


And if you don't have it, get it! You don't need to be a creative genius, just download the app Pick up lines and send your prospect a phrase that makes him feel great emotion (whatever it may be) simply choose the digital communication channel and that's it! (Google Play. In the App Store search for Love Compliments).

piropos app

In your romantic dinner, make sure nothing fails you with OpenTable (Google Play and App Store). It allows you to make reservations at more than 20 thousand restaurants in Mexico, the United States and Canada, in addition to allowing you to earn points for each reservation made.

open table

And to end the day as it deserves, get loving and three-dimensional with Kamasutra – Sex Positions 3D (Google Play. In App Store 3D Kamasutra).

3d kamasutra

Good luck killer!