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Public relations

What we do
We know the sector like no one else.
Over more than 20 years we have woven the widest and most solid network of contacts in the Telecom sector in Mexico.
No matter what your need is, we connect you with the key people to satisfy it.
1.-Corporate reputation development.
2.-Crisis management.
3.-Public affairs.
4.-Link with the main media outlets across Latin America.


What we do
En este mundo cambiante, donde la tecnología y la sociedad caminan de forma vertiginosa, BrainGame Central es tu socio comunicador.

We are flexible, forward thinking and analytical. We know how to listen to people and understand their needs.
1.-Positioning with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).
2.-Community Management.
3.- Traditional and social media strategy.
4.-Brand monitoring.
5.-Media monitoring.


What we do
We are the best marketing agency specialized in the telecommunications and information technology sector in Mexico and we have a presence across Latin America.

Our work is 360º.

We analyze, create strategy, implement it, monitor it and optimize it to continuously improve results.
Few agencies today offer a tailored service, with expertise in digital and "traditional" offline techniques.
1.- Business Intelligence and strategy.
2.- Digital content development.
3.- Media strategy.
4.- Campaign development and monitoring.
5.- Advertising campaign monitoring
6.- Results analysis.

We know how to play the braingame

-Ingrid Motta

Recognized as one of the most powerful women in business in Mexico according to Expansión magazine and one of the most influential in the Technology industry, Ingrid is the reference for communications and advertising in the sector.

She leads the team that will take you by the hand towards your goals.


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