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#CES2019 – New year, new technology

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Written by: Ingrid Motta.

Life is full of happy moments, for me, a technology lover, one of the most exciting is when I receive the email from the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) organizing team confirming that my accreditation was approved and that we will see each other soon In Las Vegas.

As you know, CES is the most important technology fair in the world, it is organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and it has been held at the beginning of each year for more than 50 years, to set the standard for next-generation technological innovation. generation that we will see appear on the market during the following months, and where all the relevant industries present the latest technology.

Carlos Rebate Influencers Presentation – with Ingrid Motta

Presentación de Influencers de Carlos Rebate - con Ingrid Motta

Published by: Urano Editions Mexico

Probably many do not fully know everything that encompasses the world of digital influence, but everything really has a beginning with a good explanation.

Last Thursday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. at Eventos Gandhi (Miguel Ángel de Quevedo), the book “Influencers” was presented, published under the seal of Empresa Activa and authored by Carlos Rebate Sánchez.

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Brain Game Central incubates foreign telecom companies to enter the Mexican Market

Published by: Mexico Now

Written by: Nancy J. Gonzalez / MexicoNow

The telecommunications and Information Technologies are complex and growing industries in Mexico. After more than 2 decades working with big companies such as Samsung, Ingrid Motta Miranda decided to move forward and start her own company.

Four years ago, Brain Game Central started operations in Mexico. Even though the life of the company is short, it is working as an incubator for foreign telecom and IT companies willing to enter the Mexican Market.

A work to help you inspire and communicate with advice from 21 digital influencers

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Written by: Alexander Arches

The book informs about the concept of digital influence as a tool to boost your image as an expert in your field and to gain authority and relevance in your sector that allows you, together with creativity, empathy and proactivity, to work together to achieve a better future.

21 tips for futures influencers with interviews with 21 experts

Digital influence can be applied in any professional or personal field. If a community trusts someone's opinion, that person becomes a influencer to communicate and inspire, your opinion is considered a means of reaching out to the community.

Mexican company BrainGame participates in the Forum of Leader Entrepreneurs of the Pacific Alliance

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  • The Pacific Alliance promotes the participation and business generation of companies that are led by women.
  • The Mexican businesswoman, Ingrid Motta presented the success story of her company BrainGame Central 5 years after its constitution.

Leading businesswomen of the Pacific Alliance meet in Bogotá

Pacific Alliance businesswomen gathered in Bogotá, Colombia.


The Pacific Alliance promotes the participation and business generation of companies that are led by women

As a space for commercial exchange and experiences between businesswomen from the member countries of the Pacific Alliance, for the acquisition and exchange of new knowledge and experiences that translate into more intra-alliance business and towards third markets, it was carried out in the Event Center of the Sergio Arboleda University of Bogotá the fourth version of the Foro Empresarias Leaders 2018.


Published by topmanagement

∙ WEConnect is a business platform for women entrepreneurs to reach national and international markets.

BrainGame Central was certified by WEConnect International as a business with growth prospects, owned, managed and financially planned by a woman.

WEConnect International, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, was created in 2009 to connect women's businesses with multinational corporations committed to supplier diversity and support the development of business networks for women entrepreneurs. …