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Information is power… for marketing

By Ingrid Mota

Nothing more creative to generate high-impact terms than the marketing. How many times in a meeting has it not happened to you that you notice that you already have to update yourself on acronyms and bombastic terms to name really simple things.
The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) It is one of these cases that I mention to you, which is actually an old concept with a new outfit. What was previously known as a customer database has remained and evolved as one of the main marketing tools.

CRM helps brands gain relevance with their consumers. This source of information has managed to maintain itself by going from being a basic utility that helped predict consumer behavior (CRM 1.0), to influencing purchase decisions (CRM 3.0).

Even in the CRM there are levels

The CRM 1.0 It helped, through passive observation, to determine the interaction of a customer in the past, to predict their future behavior, and thus develop campaigns based on these predictions.

CRM 2.0. Brands entered the connected world and through their sites Web, observed the online and immediate behavior of consumers, where satisfaction surveys and information provided by the client were applied. In this way, a strategy could be created by predicting consumer behavior and offering them communication via e-mail that would be relevant to their interests and encourage the consumption of their products.

The CRM 3.0 It anticipates and influences the attitude of consumers. To ensure the success of the strategy based on consumer information 3.0, brands are socially connected with their customers and enter into a constant dialogue, inside and outside the environment of their own brand, to understand and know the trends and incentives of their target, exponentiating the value of communication.

To understand it even better you can review the following infographic. To see it full size just click on the image.


By HakS(Own works)

Although the CRM continues to have the same information management base, the variables increase when considering social networks, digital connection points, mobile devices and the constant online search of consumers at the time of decision making. purchase decision in retail or e-commerce.

Various technology firms have created different software for CRM that can help you implement a successful campaign and amplify your relationship with the client, however, system intelligence, without the intuition of a good marketer, will not give a good result.