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How was your first experience… of a brand?

By Ingrid Mota 

Brands care a lot about hiring excellent candidates to manage them within their sales teams. marketing; they investigate them, they interview them on several occasions with different hierarchical levels within the company, they give them psychometric tests and subject them to all kinds of tests. But we should ask ourselves... how much do they care about giving a great brand experience to their consumers?
"The customer is always right" is a service maxim, so treating customers well is the fundamental principle of success for any company. The immediacy of social networks works for or against a product or service, amplifying the message, so that the message can be globalized at any time.

how right you were newton
To each action there is a reaction, of equal magnitude and in the opposite direction... or not? Sorry Isaac, but in marketing the sense can be in the same direction and to ensure that it is always positive and for the benefit of your brand, pay attention.

The 5 commandments to bless the brand experience towards consumers:

1.- You will correctly promote your brand
Truly, truly, I tell you that when creating a brand experience you must make it simple and “target” it to a very specific target segment. Try to speak to a few so that they listen to you a lot, you can find a suitable spokesperson for this segment and streamline the message in order to create empathy with the consumer and provide a positive brand experience.

2.- You will know your product as yourself
Although brand managers are the "creators" of their products, on many occasions they are not as specialized as their consumers, who experience the products on a daily basis and build a brand image that they propagate throughout the world. existing analog and digital channels. Listening to your consumer is a priority.

3.- You will sanctify your sales force
Employees of a brand are its main spokespersons and leaders in the brand experience towards consumers. Having all sellers share the vision, be aligned, and know how to react to consumer requests is critical to a great brand experience.

4.- You will reward the results of your employees
Nothing of phrases like "that's what I pay you for", the employees and sales force of a company must have measurement of results by objectives and be recognized for their effort. The success of a brand begins when its employees have a good brand experience and become their own consumers and spokespersons.

5.- You will not lie
Anyone who thinks the customer is dumb is dumb. The truth always comes out, no matter how much you have master spokespersons in the art of lying, the brand experience cannot be faked. It is useless to base your marketing strategies on strong advertising budgets, if in the end the client suffers from the company's inefficiencies in their brand experience.

Preach by example
I leave you this case that never stops amusing me every time I see it. La Cerveza Andes, in Argentina, created a very creative brand experience for the consumer, which consisted of a teleporter placed in bars.

Let's do it
Building a successful brand is not easy at all, however simplicity and focus are essential for creating a brand experience, especially in a connected world, where it is worth risking being on social networks as an exponential advantage and not as a threat to brands. Surely, the companies that manage to diversify, specialize and have a close relationship with their customers through their messages, capitalizing on them and giving them the opportunity to experience the unique value of the brand, will win.

Thus, there is no doubt that this first consumer experience will be memorable, forever!