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The emotional truth about feminine marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

The gender rebalancing in which we women have spent years and that, in many cases, makes us leave home care aside a little to 100%, allows us to develop professionally and achieve job positions in different industries. Fortunately, there are companies and associations that have managed to perfectly understand the insight about female valuation, but yes, without falling into feminism.
According to the consulting firm WomanWise, listening to women is important, but understanding the whole emotional truth that is in your mind-subconscious, is essential to intensify your relationship with a brand.
Every day the marketing takes firm steps towards the inclusion of women in all areas of life. Understanding them is essential to create a true link between a product and the market of feminine needs to be satisfied. …

Marketing for design and innovation, the “Designed in Mexico” certification

By Ingrid Mota

It is a common place to say that we Mexicans abound in creativity, ingenuity that helps us to succeed in all kinds of issues. We are ironic enough to collectively make fun of the worst events and even make death a colorful candy to eat it.
Creativity is a very powerful resource in the hands of those who know how to make it profitable and it is under this concept that an initiative is born with which it seeks to evolve and grow the concept "Made in Mexico", towards "Designed, invented and manufactured in Mexico”.
In order to make Mexican companies more competitive through two key factors: innovation and design, the Certifying Council of Innovation and Design, “branded” as Design Mexico. This Council is formed as a civil association where the academy, companies, designers and government participate. Among its objectives, the granting of the certificate of Well Designed to those products and services that have a high level of design and innovation. …

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Let's talk about trends in marketing: smart banking

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

Just the thought of going to the bank stresses me out. You never know how well you will do in any operation you make and how lucky you will be with the cashier who attends to you, that without considering the time it will take you.
However, banking has evolved along with information technology. Today there are solutions where mobile applications make our lives easier by making our experience in banking services more friendly and efficient.
According to the Fifth Financial Inclusion Report prepared by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNVB), in Mexico, towards the end of 2013, mobile banking services were used by 1.06 out of every hundred Mexicans, since there were 883 thousand bank accounts linked to a mobile phone terminal. In fact, this same study revealed that the number of mobile banking users increased by 241.9% during 2013*. …

Tech & The City: 4 apps to multiply your love

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

Glasses, watches, bracelets, shoes and everything you can wear as an electronic cowbell that reminds you of endless things every second: how unhealthy you eat, how badly you sleep and how your New Year's resolutions vanish as soon as you sit down at your desk to work. These are the trends that technology brings us every day.
But technology is created to make life easier and for a few years to live 100% connected in a world that apparently brings us closer to distant people and distances us from nearby people. Here are 4 apps to measure and multiply your love this February 14. …

A new trend, Detox marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta 

Detoxification "is today's thing", there are endless ways to achieve purification, it is only enough to have the will to spend it badly, the number of days you choose as penance, to achieve a pristine body with miracles that come to the comfort of your home in the form of juices, personalized diets, syrups or powders. Several companies around the world have adopted this thought and incorporate it into the identity of their brands. According to the portal greenpeace, brands like ZARA (the world's leading fashion brand), Mango, Spirit, Levi's Y Benetton have committed to phase out all hazardous chemicals by 2020. …