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The emotional truth about feminine marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

The gender rebalancing in which we women have spent years and that, in many cases, makes us leave home care aside a little to 100%, allows us to develop professionally and achieve job positions in different industries. Fortunately, there are companies and associations that have managed to perfectly understand the insight about female valuation, but yes, without falling into feminism.
According to the consulting firm WomanWise, listening to women is important, but understanding the whole emotional truth that is in your mind-subconscious, is essential to intensify your relationship with a brand.
Every day the marketing takes firm steps towards the inclusion of women in all areas of life. Understanding them is essential to create a true link between a product and the market of feminine needs to be satisfied.

big brands like Levi's, are directing their strategies of marketing in adapting its products to what women need from a cultural, social, psychological, lifestyle point of view and their position as a gender in the world of consumption.

There is nothing more frustrating and threatening to a woman than trying on and finding a pair of jeans that don't fit her and make her look extra pounds the instant she puts them on. Robert Hanson, president of Levi's, had a vision for the female market and understood how to connect young women who could buy his jeans and thus grow his sales substantially.

Women Power
After analyzing the sizes of 60,000 women from 13 countries, it was possible to classify the sizes of young women into three body types: light, From my Y bold. But not everything is a matter of size, Levi's conducted a qualitative and quantitative study among a thousand women millennials, between the ages of 21 and 29 in five countries: Brazil, France, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The results were critical to the success of its new strategy: Levi's Curve ID, women with individual desires for whom the brand found the insight perfect by including itself and being a product that helps them shape their life and their body.

Still, the basic lesson of all this gender marketing is one inescapable truth: Men might all be the same, but every woman is unique.

Let's go girls!