Marketing for design and innovation, the “Designed in Mexico” certification

By Ingrid Mota

It is a common place to say that we Mexicans abound in creativity, ingenuity that helps us to succeed in all kinds of issues. We are ironic enough to collectively make fun of the worst events and even make death a colorful candy to eat it.
Creativity is a very powerful resource in the hands of those who know how to make it profitable and it is under this concept that an initiative is born with which it seeks to evolve and grow the concept "Made in Mexico", towards "Designed, invented and manufactured in Mexico”.
In order to make Mexican companies more competitive through two key factors: innovation and design, the Certifying Council of Innovation and Design, “branded” as Design Mexico. This Council is formed as a civil association where the academy, companies, designers and government participate. Among its objectives, the granting of the certificate of Well Designed to those products and services that have a high level of design and innovation.

This certificate will allow recognition in the market and in daily life of the best products of their kind in Mexico, products that will not only be able to compete in the national market but also internationally.

Design Mexico It is established as a response to the requirements of the industry, the academy, and the national design guild, regarding the need to have an institution specialized in design that helps trigger creativity and knowledge in the country.

The immediate actions of the Certifying Council for Innovation and Design – Diseña México are:

  • Certify the first Mexican products.
  • Deliver the National Design Award "Diseña México" to the professional career of outstanding designers.
  • Carry out a study on the Economic Impact of Design, with the advice of the British Design Council.
  • Carry out an exhibition and publication of the companies and products that have received the “Designed in Mexico” seal.
  • Start working on making 2015 the Year of Design.

From Creators to Industrialists
When creativity generates economic benefits, it is considered a Creative Industry, a concept defined by the English in order to map the creative economic activity of a country, both individual and that generate wealth and employment through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.

The economic stability offered by Mexico allows the promotion of communities of entrepreneurs and innovators, who manage to achieve their full potential by joining the technological convergence in which young creatives live day by day, and turns creativity into the new literacy, into where it is essential to have deep respect for the different forms of creative offer that exist in the world.

Great Mexican creators exemplify our culture of design and innovation:
Carla Fernandez.- Mexican Fashion Designer and founder of Taller Flora, a clothing brand and mobile laboratory that travels throughout Mexico visiting indigenous communities, including those that specialize in handmade textiles. Taller Flora has developed a unique style, and is a leader due to its business model that is evidence of a fair trade network and environmental policies that influence responsible practices within the fashion industry.

the duo Pineda-Covalin.- It is a company created by Mexican designers who, through silk designs, promote the cultural richness that exists in our country, showing the world all our culture and history in an avant-garde and exclusive way.

Emiliano Godoy.- Industrial designer graduated with a master's degree in design from the Pratt Institute, with a degree in Industrial Design from the Universidad Iberoamericana and with studies in furniture design at the Design School of Denmark. Named among the “50 most important eco-champions of today” by 02 magazine, Godoy runs the design firm Godoylab and is part of the NEL design collective.

Mexican creativity is daily, however, it would be good for us to generate a method and organization that frees us from improvisation and living "hanging from a little devil" in the marketing of creativity and design.