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Let's talk about trends in marketing: smart banking

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

Just the thought of going to the bank stresses me out. You never know how well you will do in any operation you make and how lucky you will be with the cashier who attends to you, that without considering the time it will take you.
However, banking has evolved along with information technology. Today there are solutions where mobile applications make our lives easier by making our experience in banking services more friendly and efficient.
According to the Fifth Financial Inclusion Report prepared by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNVB), in Mexico, towards the end of 2013, mobile banking services were used by 1.06 out of every hundred Mexicans, since there were 883 thousand bank accounts linked to a mobile phone terminal. In fact, this same study revealed that the number of mobile banking users increased by 241.9% during 2013*.

Like this or simpler?
New banking technologies called Smart ATMs work through an application on your smartphone that allows you to choose the account to use, the amount of cash you need to withdraw as well as the denomination you prefer. The app transfers this information to the bank's central system, which in turn responds with a barcode. The customer uses the ATM's QR code scanner to scan this barcode that identifies him, and the money comes out immediately. NFC technology is also available for authentication as an alternative to the QR code and all this under complete security.

But for sample, only one transaction is enough.

Therefore, a good banking experience becomes the best marketing for a financial services company, ultimately the consumer "marries" the person who offers the best solutions.

The customer what he wants
The user of a product or service is the one who rules over companies so that they have to speed up their processes and offer us technology that makes daily life more efficient. It is worth removing the cobwebs and adopting information technologies for our own benefit.

It is essential that the marketing departments in banking institutions set themselves the goal of generating applications and create a app store, Instead of having saturated call center with "stalkers", so that the user decides what product, insurance or service he wants at the time he wants. 

Social networks play a fundamental role in disseminating public opinion, so bank marketers must also monitor minute by minute to be aware of discussions of the products and services they offer, both them and their competition, because the needs of consumers evolve at the pace of technology itself and they need to be heard.

*Font: The CIU