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Take the line of Digital Marketing

By Ingrid Mota

The only constant is change. In the world of marketing, whoever wants to prevail must ride in the new digital era, commanded by communication and the free expression of digital content, which travels with absolute immediacy, ubiquity, without borders or passports, from one part of the world to another.
The evolution of traditional marketing that contemplated satisfying the needs of consumers and anticipating market demand through the creation of a product, which, when properly promoted and distributed, would give large profits to companies, did not consider that after a short time it would be the consumers who would determine how the companies would travel to follow their increasingly specialized demands.

Mind of Gap
The analysts of Gartner they have built a walk through the route of digital marketing and how to cover all its territory.

By having the "ticket to board", we can travel through all the technological tools of digital marketing such as applications, social networks, e-commerce, m-commerce, advertising, analysis, digital strategies and consumer experience, among many others. seasons.

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The next station is:
According to this methodology, the strategy of digital marketing of a product must be based on the new 4 variables:

Neighborhoods: They represent functional regions that can be considered as areas of practice within an organization.

Tracks: They connect these regions, and can be thought of as application services that share common goals and information.

Seasons: They represent the points of interaction that can be considered as providers of products and categories that offer platforms and point solutions.

Intersections: They represent transfer points where solutions can serve more than one business area.

Connectivity through mobile devices gives consumers an infinite power of possibilities that must be harnessed by global brands or on their way to being.

All in all, it is essential that companies ensure in their digital strategies that they have the right "transport pass" to embark on this exciting and productive path of digital marketing.

I recommend you draw your own route and play with the Map.