Customer satisfaction

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

The marketing It is not exactly an exact science, but it is governed by laws. The first one is very simple: a consumer does not buy products, but solutions to their needs, which can take the form of products or services.
The interesting thing is to make the intangible of a service become an experience that consumers can feel, smell, hear or even taste, so that they can fall in love and want to buy it.

Marketing that makes you unique
When a consumer makes up his mind and purchases a service, he is buying the promise of satisfaction that is based on his belief and brand experience. However, it should be clarified that, unlike a product, a service is provided by people and therefore the results may be different from person to person.

Thus, the services create the brand experience based on personal attention. The people involved in selling and providing the service have the ability to make or break a company's reputation.

The marketing of the service consists, then, in the tools that we have, the place where we offer it, the price and the promotion that makes the user experience unique.

By having the perfect touch that distinguishes our services from those of our competitors, we managed to create our own identity and with it the repurchase and recommendation by our clients.

The marketing mix of the service
A service requires logistics that are very different from a product that waits for the consumer to buy it; on the contrary, it requires planning and coordination between the supplier and the user in order to make it a reality with positive results and thus maintain their trust.

In addition to the well-known variables: product, price, place and promotion, service marketing adds three components:

1.- People
Those who directly or indirectly add value to the service offer and are evaluated for their activity and results.

It is essential to have permanent training for the employees who provide the services to avoid human errors and that is why another essential value is added to the mix and which I will explain below.

It covers the time from the moment in which the first contact with a client is made, the need is identified, it is decided how the situation is going to be faced and the time it will take to start it.

service marketing mix


3.- Physical evidence
Since a service represents an intangible experience for the consumer, this variable allows us to measure the way in which the consumer receives and makes his service experience tangible through a physical sensation.

In service
We could think that the 4P's of marketing gave us a complete overview of how to satisfy consumer needs, however, offering a service allows us to grow the marketing mix to market successfully and manage to sell the invisible, but perfectly tailored to the needs of a consumer.

All in all, the marketer must always keep in mind that it is more difficult to do damage control for service companies, so he must be attentive to all the variables of the game and manage to maintain the company's reputation in an untainted manner.