“Mobilegeddon”: From the Fixed Consumer to the Mobile

By: Ingrid Motta

The digital world evolves every second…and those at Google know it, they know it.

In 2015, mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic in different countries and that motivated Google to launch “Mobilegeddon” in April, the update of an algorithm that simply eliminated sites that were not optimal for mobile devices, and that of course, marked a clear tendency to minimize traffic to desktop devices.

The trend was set by the consumer himself and advertisers are now the ones who must follow them and not the other way around, because product sales now fall on online-mobile marketing and this represents an enormous opportunity for brands to closely follow their consumer from different points of contact to find out what they are looking for and how to offer it to them in the most attractive way possible.

And so, this year the battle of 5 de Maiiio was waged by Google by announcing that it is official: the largest number of searches by consumers occur through mobile devices in 10 trend-setting countries, including meet the United States and Japan.

Through a study written by James Tiongson, Google's product manager, the habits of mobile consumers in their adoption of Apps are shown. There they describe how apps are part of micro-moments of the day


Source: YouTube
These micro-moments are based on the immediacy in which consumers can, through Apps, find solutions, proposals and new ideas that add to their daily activity and give relevance to their needs.

Advertising then takes another meaning when, according to this study, the download of applications is made thanks to its promotion through the different commercial channels offered by the digital world, in such a way that now you should not only promote your product, but your App where you will provide the consumer with information about your products and services, creating incentives to want to stay with your brand.

Source: Google/Ipsos, Mobile App Marketing Insights: How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps (US), May 2015.

It results in a great opportunity for the marketer, as well as a great challenge, to make the App of the brand stand out in the congested digital world and not only that, but also to remain with an attractive and relevant offer for the consumer.

It's fun to see how the trendsetter is and will be the consumer, who now from his mobile actions, makes marketers leave their comfortable desks to become mobile executives, because it is in the digital world where the action takes place… buying.