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High Tech Marketing

By: Ingrid Motta

In a world marked by a competitive environment that changes every moment and is defined by delivery and expiration dates, technology companies need to reinvent their marketing and sales strategy from the ground up.

Have you ever had to call a consumer brand for 24/7 support? Surely not, as you would with technology brands.

High technology companies have different variables to create their marketing and sales strategy, which include the development of products in record time, use tests, research and sales actions that imply them creating their own times in the market.

Before we should have lived in an era of fools, because from a few years to now, all our devices turn out to be smart and if before you only needed comfortable running shoes, today you need, at least, a smart watch that tells you if you are doing it correctly according to its synchronization with the chip that you bring in the sneakers.

Today, technological capacity determines the success or failure of companies, so sophisticated marketing skills are essential to stand out in the competitive world of high technology.

Crossing the Abyss

Literally, technology companies must become free thinkers of prototypes that will become new trends, thus repeatedly creating supply and demand markets that mature to give way to new marketing schemes, and facing permanent challenges for brands, who have to adapt their organization according to the market.

I invite you to watch a video explanation of the fundamentals of marketing high-tech products.

Source: youtube/ Jorrit Velzeboer – Based on the video Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

Geoffrey A. Moore, behavioral market consultant, explains in his book "Crossing the Abyss" the adoption of the technology life cycle and recognizes 5 different target audiences to which a product marketing and sales strategy should be focused technology, to create technology adoption models in these different segments:

Although what Moore explains is not necessarily new concepts, it does allow concepts to be taken up and capitalized on the insights of consumers in each segment.

Thus, the start-up of Research and Development (R&D) actions for products are an essential value for high-tech companies in order to prevail in the face of fierce competition in the market. The marketing of their products must be fully aligned with the results of the research they undertake.

Achieving crossing the abyss that Moore points out can be achieved, without a doubt, by ensuring that the marketing, communication and sales strategy are focused on each type of technology consumer.