Cross Marketing, again the medium is the message

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

A target audience, a calendar and a budget would be the necessary ingredients for the perfect recipe for a media plan. At least that's how it would be in the last century.
In short, we will no longer hear phrases such as: "the advertising it must reach 80 percent of young women between 18 and 35 years of age with children under 5 years of age”. Fortunately, market segmentation and targets allow us to be much more efficient than that, and achieve a much more powerful impact through the different social channels.

Broadcasting live from the Village
It didn't take Marshall McLuhan that long to decipher the message from the media and the society of Information, it was enough for him to analyze how technology completely changes the patterns of behavior and social interaction and the lives of people, introducing them into a global village.

Living in a connected world completely changes our environment and our daily lives, making it seem that we are present at all times and in all places in the world. In the Village in which McLuhan placed us, we live with people who are not close to us in a more active way than with whom we actually live, where a mobile device is our new world map and allows us to generate new social behaviors.

Traditional Media + Digital Media = Cross Marketing
Digital communication channels such as:, blogging, microblogging, social media, SMS, CRM, SEO, SEM and the more acronyms you can think of to get closer to the consumer, have been a phenomenon that intensified in the last decade to join to traditional channels.

Taking advantage of the reach of traditional media has been since the beginning of advertising, the most used tool to send a message to an increasing number of people. However, by adding digital media, marketers manage to implement much more powerful and effective strategies to impact increasingly segmented audiences.

cross marketing


Throughout the years we have seen how the media are not born to destroy each other, on the contrary, they become complementary to each other.

This is how Cross Marketing achieves balance by using traditional communication channels and online marketing, to create comprehensive media strategies, a marketing plan.

Undoubtedly, the marketer who manages to gradually adapt and innovate in his mix of media will be the one who wins the battle to get closer to the consumer at the key moments of the purchase decision, and manage to convince him with solid creative messages and great impact.