How to translate Big Data into Big Marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

There is a myth that information is power. This can be so, if it is useful, organized, classified, analyzed and recoverable information, otherwise, it is just a warehouse of numbers or other data.
Big Data is the tool that we have known for a long time and that allows us to store and analyze large amounts of data in order to be able to make accurate and timely decisions in marketing.

In marketing, it is important to capture consumer activity and preference data. To this end, companies have to focus on relevant information such as: sales channels, offers, messages and the products that have been the customer's choice.

Benefits of Big Marketing
The agility that comes from having a large amount of information analyzed about our business, client and competitor, allows the marketer to reinforce his strategy and achieve much more focused results.

There are different types of Big Data information analysis that help us capitalize and enhance our business:

• Relationship With Our Consumer:
It provides us with relevant information about our customers in terms of their purchasing behavior, the channels they are using to buy what they want, how they want it, changes in their attitude and ways of purchasing, according to the offers in online channels, offline line and loyalty programs.

• Business Operational Efficiency:
It allows us to define KPI's for measuring marketing processes and market opportunities.

• Financial Activity:
It allows us to have a very agile and efficient control of the financial health of the company by having control of: sales, income, expenses, among others.

The message to the consumer
Communication with the consumer plays a fundamental role in ensuring and making the message we send to our clients more efficient, so that the information collected is relevant to business results.

Fortunately, and thanks to the data analysis capacity offered by Big data, very simple and impactful messages can be achieved for our audience, for which there are keys that help us ensure results:

• Be brief and direct towards the consumer
• Clearly define the target to speak to them at the same level of communication
• Be empathic with the consumer to make them aware of the advantages of our product and the needs it satisfies.
• Maintain constant communication about offers and promotions to each target.

Big Data Marketing
Using the new digital communication channels, in addition to the traditional channels, to publicize the insights of our products, allow marketers to enrich their communication with the consumer and allow them to adjust their media strategy if this were the case.

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The great advantages that Big Data brings to marketing are easy to use in an already digital world, where social networks are the new public opinion. With the information shared there, marketers can predict the behavior of their consumers and create products that meet their ever-changing needs.