In marketing they talk about me, therefore I exist

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

A popular voice says that "it doesn't matter if they speak well or badly about you, but let them speak", the one that is not present in the mind or in the senses of the consumer, simply does not exist.

Indeed, communication is one of the basic tools of marketing. In fact it is its main piece, without which nothing would exist.

The big brands know this and put great effort into strengthening their business vision through strategic communication that allows them to reach their current and potential consumers in different ways. Several of these companies are currently designing a 360º Marketing that enhances their brand presence in the different media and digital platforms.

Thus, every day, thanks to innovation and the adoption of new technologies by consumers, brands start a multiplatform communication machinery through their different channels: Market research, Advertising, Public relations, Digital marketing, events or activations, among other ways, to be present and act immediately before the competitive scenarios of the world of mass consumption.

please be consistent

The consistency of the brand to transmit messages to the consumer allows it to achieve a positive positioning and achieve consistency with the image of the product.

For this reason, it is essential that before starting a communication strategy, market research is carried out, qualitative or quantitative or both if possible, to guarantee the maximum efficiency of messages to our target in terms of channels and content. This research is also a health check to contrast our personal perceptions with firm evidence from our target markets and from the consumers themselves.

We already know the communication capacity that the “Zero Moment of Truth” at the moment that a consumer decides to make a purchase and how they immediately look for references on the web and social networks about the references and experiences that the product gives them other users, experts in that product line, opinion leaders and influencers.

If we do not have congruence of messages in the different channels, both internal and external, no matter how much we speak well of our brand and no matter how much advertising investment we make, it will be difficult for us to be perceived consistently.

The synergy between product, service and company is decisive for good corporate and brand communication.

The innovation of the basics

Today, more than ever, the consumer is constantly evolving and makes the markets adapt to their new forms of behavior and communication.

The marketer must not only understand and know how to handle the different communication channels and platforms, but also know the adjustments in human behavior habits and their strong link with the development of emerging media.

By updating their status on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sending text messages via SMS or Whatsapp, sharing their blog with their own content, sending an email or uploading a video to YouTube, consumers are making constant use of emerging communication that also , does not stop in its daily innovation, going hand in hand with "new technologies", which are no longer new, although they continue to be renewed every day.

The media themselves are protagonists and users of emerging media. I leave you with this good example of how news channels make use of different communication options to be omnipresent and close to their own audience, which also validates their reputation and brand positioning.

The inclusion of true professionals (careful, today many boast as social community experts… #AyAjaaa!) experts in the management of new digital communication platforms that achieve positive results in consumer word-of-mouth communication, will undoubtedly be the success of integrated communication strategies and a robust marketing plan.

Thus, I invite you to make others talk about you and your brand, by any means.