Month: May 2014

Cross Marketing, again the medium is the message

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

A target audience, a calendar and a budget would be the necessary ingredients for the perfect recipe for a media plan. At least that's how it would be in the last century.
In short, we will no longer hear phrases such as: "the advertising it must reach 80 percent of young women between 18 and 35 years of age with children under 5 years of age”. Fortunately, market segmentation and targets allow us to be much more efficient than that, and achieve a much more powerful impact through the different social channels.

How to translate Big Data into Big Marketing

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

There is a myth that information is power. This can be so, if it is useful, organized, classified, analyzed and recoverable information, otherwise, it is just a warehouse of numbers or other data.
Big Data is the tool that we have known for a long time and that allows us to store and analyze large amounts of data in order to be able to make accurate and timely decisions in marketing. …

From Time to Market to Business Moment

By Ingrid Mota

How many times have you or have you been questioned about the results of your spending on marketing, its return on investment, how much it motivated the purchase of your product and modified the customer's purchasing behavior.
There it is convenient to remember the cliché that says that “time is money”.
Certainly every minute in the conception of the product, the weight spent for its arrival on the market and its return can be measured, but it is important to question the efficiency of the technology used in this type of measurement. …

Customer satisfaction

By Ingrid Mota
Twitter: @ingridmotta

The marketing It is not exactly an exact science, but it is governed by laws. The first one is very simple: a consumer does not buy products, but solutions to their needs, which can take the form of products or services.
The interesting thing is to make the intangible of a service become an experience that consumers can feel, smell, hear or even try, so that they can fall in love and want to buy it. …