Do we have Engagement?

By: Ingrid Motta


If you are a marketer or you surround yourself with them, surely you repeatedly hear the term “engagement”, especially when the results of a campaign are presented on social networks. It is precisely that moment when we all put on the face of experts and quickly get out of the way.

The term engagement It is sometimes confused as the metrics of how many people saw our content on social networks at a given time and from there it can be said that it is possible to motivate the sale of a product.

If we translate engagement to Spanish, it would be the commitment or degree of interaction of a consumer with a brand. Its result is the creation of a certain loyalty and motivation towards the products and services of a brand and how they recommend it to new users.

Although it is true that there is a correlation between said engagement and sales, in reality there is no measurement system that can even approximate it.

Now, if we define that in practice the engagement It is the way in which conversations with consumers, through social networks, generate closeness to a brand, we would fall short.

So we could say that: when we generate a relevant message for the audience, we communicate it well in a timely manner, and it captures the attention of our audience, let's engage!

The engagement it is more than just a channel created with the consumer, it is rather a dialogue with him and it is the ability to choose how and when to participate. At the same time, it empowers us to know if the expectations of our audience are satisfied with our digital marketing strategy.

And, how to improve our digital presence?

Build relationships with the consumer through social media marketing takes time to generate results, not only in engagement, but also in sales. For this, some processes must be followed, for example:

  • Resolve promptly and assertively the complaints and problems that are requested by our digital channels by the consumer
  • Have a far-sighted vision to respond to consumer questions about our products in an attractive and memorable way, in advance, and thus prevent it from becoming a service problem
  • Receive and proactively use customer comments and feedback to further capitalize on new product development or strategy adjustments
  • Monitor the competition to confirm that we have a differentiated digital offer
  • Use geolocation services to capture the attention of our current and potential consumers towards our offer of products or services

There is no doubt that there are many more tools and creativity that help to fall in love and maintain closeness with our consumer. However, there are also other ways to increase our presence on social media.

Many times we take it for granted that as soon as we achieve the engagement, this will last for a long time, and this may be very true, but we should not let the opportunities to sell our products pass by in conversations with consumers.

An attractive way to do it, for example, would be to offer promotions and/or special discounts to the followers of our brand through social networks or via online purchases. In this way we will generate traffic in both ways and with this we will achieve the growth of our fan base.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I invite you to watch this video that the EMC company shared to help understand the fundamental principles of social media and the benefits of engagement:

Source: EMC2- Youtube

The important thing is not to lose the focus to achieve engagement with the consumer, means offering relevant content at times that mean a call to action for him and once we manage to establish this conversation, not to kill the passion by turning our website, nor our social networks into advertising sites.

Now we know that this English ending, engagement, results in a complex and continuous processes of common identity between brand, company and consumer through digital means. We also know that it is not necessarily a guarantee of sale or commercial success. But what we should not have any doubt about is that this success in the monetization of our products and services enters a route of greater viability if they have that relationship with the brand.