Marketing for design and innovation, the “Designed in Mexico” certification

By Ingrid Mota

It is a common place to say that we Mexicans abound in creativity, ingenuity that helps us to succeed in all kinds of issues. We are ironic enough to collectively make fun of the worst events and even make death a colorful candy to eat it.
Creativity is a very powerful resource in the hands of those who know how to make it profitable and it is under this concept that an initiative is born with which it seeks to evolve and grow the concept "Made in Mexico", towards "Designed, invented and manufactured in Mexico”.
In order to make Mexican companies more competitive through two key factors: innovation and design, the Certifying Council of Innovation and Design, “branded” as Design Mexico. This Council is formed as a civil association where the academy, companies, designers and government participate. Among its objectives, the granting of the certificate of Well Designed to those products and services that have a high level of design and innovation. …