Leading businesswomen of the Pacific Alliance meet in Bogotá

Pacific Alliance businesswomen gathered in Bogotá, Colombia.


The Pacific Alliance promotes the participation and business generation of companies that are led by women

As a space for commercial exchange and experiences between businesswomen from the member countries of the Pacific Alliance, for the acquisition and exchange of new knowledge and experiences that translate into more intra-alliance business and towards third markets, it was carried out in the Event Center of the Sergio Arboleda University of Bogotá the fourth version of the Foro Empresarias Leaders 2018.

The meeting, organized by ProChile, ProColombia, ProMéxico and PromPerú, is constituted as part of the strategy led by the Technical Group of promotion agencies of the Pacific Alliance with the collaboration of the Gender group to promote the participation and generation of businesses of the companies of the commercial block that are led by women, and thus materialize the gender perspective as a transversal element.

Ingrid Motta presented the success story of her company BrainGame Central 5 years after its establishment

It should be noted that this forum was born in Mexico in 2015, in this fourth edition the event had more than 300 participants during the academic agenda, with interventions by the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia, José Manuel Restrepo; the head of the Gender Department of the Directorate of International Economic Relations - DIRECON - of Chile, Nicole Verdugo; the director of the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, María Fernanda Quiñones; and the consultant for the IDB's Integration and Trade Division, Carolina López, among others.

During the event, the panel 'Success stories of leading businesswomen of the Pacific Alliance' was held, where Ingrid Motta, General Director of BrainGame Central, as a success story of Mexico, presented the story of the construction of her communication and marketing agency. specialized in the fields of telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies 5 years after its constitution, which has regional coverage. Ingrid shared the stage with four prominent businesswomen from the Pacific Alliance countries, in a panel moderated by the president of ProColombia, Flavia Santoro.

"During the event, not only the challenges of female entrepreneurship are discussed, but the initiatives being developed within the framework of the Pacific Alliance to promote the empowerment and economic development of women were also presented, and They exchanged experiences to generate business opportunities among the participants”, said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

“The objective of strengthening and empowering women entrepreneurs from the countries that make up the Pacific Alliance is a clear example of the positive action provided by the integration and inclusion of women in the economic world for the social benefit of each of the countries that make up”. Ingrid stressed

In the business conference, ProMéxico participated with a delegation of businesswomen, mainly from the textile fashion sector and secondly from the agri-food sector, from states such as Oaxaca, Guerrero, Puebla, the State of Mexico and Mexico City who seek to promote their exportable offer to 32 buyers. intra-Alliance through one-on-one meetings. This commercial exchange space expects to generate 352 business appointments.

The four founding nations of the Pacific Alliance gather 38% of the GDP of Latin America and when adding all their production and if they were counted as a single country, in 2017 they would have been the eighth economy in the world.

These four economies are characterized by having achieved remarkable economic stability that results in dynamic economic growth and job creation with increasing productivity, in stability of their main financial indicators such as the exchange rate and interest rates, in low inflation, among others, derived from its economic policies that, above all, promote in a sustainable manner the distribution of benefits among its entire population.

They also stand out for their active and effective strategy of increasing equity and inclusion, with marked attention to the issue of gender, which translates into the incorporation of valuable and substantial female human capital into the national productive apparatus.

With this, economic growth and development is promoted, based in these leading nations on the abundant natural resources of each one, the characteristic creativity of its inhabitants, but above all, on the increasing use of the vast talent and effort of the human capital of their women, thus guaranteeing the path to comprehensive economic development.

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