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Mexico (Notimex).- The new book "Influencers, everything you need to know about digital influence", is a compilation of interviews with 21 experts from different parts of the world conducted by Carlos Rebate, who reveal the secrets of their success and give advice for those who want to become a professional influencer.

The objective of the issue is that, throughout its pages, the reader learns how digital influence will help him enhance his image as an expert in his field and gain authority and relevance in his sector; which consequently will lead to increased customer and revenue.

The author starts from the thesis of Kevin Kelly, co-founder of the magazine "Wired", who defends that a creator needs only a thousand true fans to earn a living, so Carlos Rebate analyzes the influencer phenomenon, beyond his frivolous vision, said a statement.

In addition, it explains how the influence could be applied in different professional sectors such as technology, marketing, finance, HR, training, or any specific non-professional knowledge that could be very useful in a certain "niche".

The issue was presented over the weekend by the doctoral student in Communication and Strategic Thinking, Ingrid Motta, director of the BrainGame Central company, which collaborated on the content.

The experts who contribute their knowledge and experience to the book are Agustín Carreño, Jack Schafer, Juan Merodio, Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, Raquel Roca, Joan Boluda, Franck Scipion, Jesse Lyn Stoner and Scott Barry Kaufman.

As well as Susana García, Isabel Martínez, Ana Nieto, Silvia Leal, Dave Logan, Clara Montesinos, Guillem Recolons, Blanca Gómez, Margarita Álvarez, Andy Stalman and Ana Sáenz de Miera.